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12:24 pm, December 15th, 1996 in the year of our Lord

We're still recording...and recording...

Some top secret details about the album: it's titled Unlucky and it features these eleven tracks: A Box Under His Bed, I'm No King, Down, When I Hit The Brakes, Such A Saint, Phone Call #27, Things We've Got To Say, There, Figi Fandango, But I'm Dying, and I Don't Know All I Know. These recordings are all brand-shiny new, recorded here at MW World Headquarters Studios, except for Figi and There as noted previously. It's coming along smashingly. Who would have ever thought that work could be this much fun?

Our trip to Boston was quite an adventure. There were planes, trains, automobile wrecks, flooded subways (they call it the "T" there), cancellations, postponements and really good Italian food. We also accidentally bumped into Paul Revere's house. Luckily, no harm was done. If you ever get a chance to visit Boston, do so. It's a pretty nifty place. The reason we went is because we won the Willy Wonka golden ticket to play the NEMO music festival. We played at the Hard Rock Cafe there to a bizarre crowd of foreign business dignitaries. Huddled masses, indeed. Boston's a cosmopolitan sort of place.

1:30 pm, September 15th, 1996 in the year of our Lord

The recording sessions for our next album are proceeding along swimmingly. We've decided to do the whole thing ourselves again with the exception of the three tracks we mentioned last time. We've begun recording A Box Under His Bed, I'm No King, Down, When I Hit The Brakes, and a few other suprises.

In case you're wondering: no, Jacob Dylan isn't in our band. That's the Other Band. However, we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all fans of That Band to our humble world. We're Mellowdramatic Wallflowers and have been since 1990. There's been confusion about this and it seems to get worse as the Other Band increases in popularity. This could get interesting. But again, to all lost wanderers, take a look around and make yourself at home. Just don't mind the mess.

The bio kits were actually completed and a few were sent off. Mark did a great job with the shiny red Mellowdramatic Wallflower lunchboxes. They look so inviting. Kinda makes you wanna eat a PB&J sandwich every time you see one. We sent them out along with our video, 3 song demo tape, bio children's book (now available here at our web site!), and tasty fruit-roll-up-type-object. Response has been overwhelming. Four out of five Music Businessmen prefer Mellowdramatic Wallflowers for their customers who chew gum.

You should have noticed by now that our web site has been completely revamped. Brad was sweating in the furnace room for weeks hammering it all out. But he's ok now although he jumps at loud noises. We'll keep an eye on him. Hope you enjoy the new look and content. Howzabout that bio, huh? Pretty spiffy we think. Continual kudos to Rosemary for the luverly illustratin' job.

4:50 pm, June 28th, 1996 in the year of our Lord

*News Flash* We are NOT playing the AlternaFest or whatever it's called. Somehow, some wires have gotten crossed or something and now it's been broadcast everywhere that we're playing it. We're not. We won't. We can't. Our bassist is on vacation. To those of you fooled by this clever ploy, we feel for you.

However, you will get the chance to see us in an intimate, stripped down setting. Don't panic, we'll be fully clothed. But at Eclipse on July 13th we'll be playing all-acoustic versions of our songs. We'll also be performing some songs that haven't been performed in a long time such as: No Algebra, Half-Light, Throw, Such A Saint, etc.

We've finished the studio recordings of There, Fiji Fandango, and Phone Call #27. They came out smashingly good. We'll be sending them out to interested industry types along with our very own Mellowdramatic Wallflowers children's book and lunch box. Yes, that's right, we're working on our custom lunch boxes. But they're not ready yet. Kudos go to Rainbow Trout Studios and Bell Labs (Chainsaw Kittens' guitarist's studio) for the lovely capturing of our noises and to Rosemary for the whimsical illustrations for the children's book. We'll post some sound samples and an .html version of the book when everything's ready.

Speaking of studios, we've been putting together a studio of our own. Brad's disappeared into the back of the house. Neighbors report strange flickering lights and mysterious noises emanating from there. The neighborhood cats are scared and run around alot for no particular reason. What fun!


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