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smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)5:40 pm, November 16th, 1997 in the year of our Lord

Done. Finis. The End. We finished Unlucky. The release party will be December 20th at the Delaware Playhouse (formerly ADAMS Theatre and Tulsa Little Theatre). No time to talk now, we're busy planning everything... Just remember: new album, last Mellowdramatic Wallflower show ever, winter wonderland extravaganza, December 20th, 8:03pm. Over and out.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)1:41 pm, September 25th, 1997 in the year of our Lord

Umm... Still recording... Well, we can absolutely, posatively guarantee that this will be the last time ever we announce on this site that Unlucky is almost done. We're working on the last song. We recently had a private "listening party" and live recording session with some other local bands including Royal Crush, Crown Electric, and Jify Trip. See if you can find them on the album (once it's available, that is). They had all sorts of effusively ebullient things to say about the album so we blushed and said "aw, shucks" and the rest, as they say, is history. Hopefully, these recordings will make everyone get happy and jump up and fall down and all that.

The album release extravaganza will most probably be either early-mid November or early December. Any votes? There's also the possibility that it will be the last Mellowdramatic Wallflowers show ever...

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)5:08 pm, August 4th, 1997 in the year of our Lord

Umm... Still recording... However, 10 of the tracks are completed and the remainder are almost done. We should actually be finished by the end of this month! Then we send the album off to get mastered. Now wait, that's not as risque as it sounds, it's just like audio obediance school. After the album has learned who's boss, it's off to the North Pole where Santa's little helpers lovingly hand tool copy after copy of shiny discs for your purchasing pleasure. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the imminent and eminent release and possibly resulting Release Party Extravaganza and Conflagration.

Oh, and on a more personal note, Brad recently made the oldest faux pas known to man, otherwise known as marriage. Of course, he's tried to cover up by acting like he knew what he was doing, claiming that he got married on purpose and such but we know better. He was tricked. We suspect he was led to believe that the wedding was actually a video shoot similar to Guns&Roses' "November Rain" video atrocity. It was only afterwards that the light of comprehension dawned in his eyes. However, he appears to be very happy now, so perhaps it's all just as well.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)10:27 pm, May 19th, 1997 in the year of our Lord

Umm... Still recording... It'll be worth the wait, though. We promise. Oh, wait a second...I think we're repeating ourselves. Now we're just hoping to be done by August. In the meantime, we've worked up some covers and are working that lovely bar circuit thing. There's nothing like drunks yelling "Freebird" over and over again. Funny how clever alchohol makes you. So dust off that fake ID and we'll see you over and over again this summer.

By the way, does anyone actually read these notes? Just wondering.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)1:49 pm, February 21st, 1997 in the year of our Lord

You guessed it. Still recording... It'll be worth the wait, though. We promise. We've added three more tracks to the album. Two are special versions of other songs and one is a new little ditty we whipped up just for you. We're hoping to have it done by Mayfest but it might be as late as this summer. These things take time.

Our brand-spanking new email list is up and running, keeping you on the cutting edge of late-breaking AdmiralTwin news. If you're not on the list yet, bunny-hop on over to our Email page and sign up.


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