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smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)October 31st, 1998

universal.jpg (7720 bytes) Well, well...look what we have here. It appears to be a major-label recording contract with our names on it. Now that's something you don't see everyday. We have collectively waited 40 years to get to this step. We feel very fortunate but there has been a lot of hard work leading up to this. And to those who didn't believe in us, we say "pbpbpbpbpb!"*

*to pronounce, protrude the tongue through closed lips and blow

To be more precise*, we have a six-album deal with Mojo Records, a subsidiary of MCA/Universal. They are home to artists such as Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, and Cherry Poppin' Daddies.
This all means that we should be entering the studio come January to record our major-label debut. Sometime in '99 you'll see our album hit the shelves shortly followed by us tooling about the country again (or world) to support the new album. Stay tuned for further updates but for now, cheers!

*recording contracts are very precise and contain copious quantities of verbiage.



Click below to read our completely uncensored tour journal!


smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)June 8th, 1998 in the year of our Lord

Busy, busy, busy. It's getting kind of hectic around here as we prepare for the impending tour. We're looking forward to playing some songs for you all across the US and Canada. We seem to have somehow misplaced our leisure time and expansive sense of humor in the scuffle so today, just the facts ma'am:

  • Low and behold! Someone must like us cause there is now an Admiral Twin newsgroup on Usenet. Go to in your newsgroup reader and relate your favorite Admiral Twin anecdote.
  • You credit card abusers will now be delighted to know you can purchase our CD online through a variety of vendors such as CDNow. Go to our Merchandise page for more info.
  • The Concerts page is now hooked up to a fancy schmancy database so that it only shows you concerts that haven't happened yet. Look for a Concert Archive sometime late this summer. It'll have a listing of all the shows we've ever played. Except for the unspeakable secret ones.
  • We've redesigned our email list to get additional info and also to accomodate all of you foreigners (from our perspective). If you registered previously, well heck, just register again. Expect the first mailing soon.
  • The Songs pages are all intranavigable now. "So what?", you're saying.
  • Frosting: We've updated the front logo and revamped some little things here and there. You'll probably never notice most of it but we do it anyway because we're that dedicated. We can see the tears of appreciation welling up in your eyes, so we'll stop right here.

See you this summer!

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)April 21st, 1998 in the year of our Lord

We've been getting a lot of email lately as people find out about the upcoming tour we're doing with Hanson. We keep getting asked certain questions over and over again so we've put together the first Admiral Twin FAQ. (That's "Frequently Asked Questions" for all you newbie's out there.)
Without further ado:

  1. "How can I get Admiral Twin CD's?"
    You can mail-order them from us. Go directly to our merchandise page where we provide a printable order form. We can even send CD's overseas. Hey, that rhymes.
  2. "Are you going on tour with Hanson?"
  3. "How can I get Hanson tickets/backstage passes/Isaac's hand in marriage?"
    Well, probably all sorts of ways but none of them involve us, so you're on your own there.
  4. "Why isn't the tour coming to my city/country?"
    Hey, it's not our tour. When we plan the first worldwide Admiral Twin tour we'll be sure to come to your city. 'Til then, see #1 above.
  5. "How old are you all?"
    We're a hundred years old and we live in a big treehouse. Getting kinda personal, aren't you? Next thing you know, you'll be asking us what we sleep in...
    Ok, if you must know, we're just like every other normal person; we sleep in pink bunny costumes.
  6. "Can I send you all gifts of money, real estate, and goats?"
    Real estate: check. Money: check (or money order). Goats: no thanks, we've too many as it is.
  7. "This FAQ isn't very funny."
    That's not a question.

By the way, Down and The Unlucky Ones now have sound clips on their respective pages as well. Oh, and don't forget to sign up on our email list if you haven't yet.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)March 16th, 1998 in the year of our Lord

Isn't life strange? In the "truth is stranger than fiction" department, it's now time to mention the tiny fact that we're going on tour with Hanson this summer. This will be our first real tour and theirs as well. And, yes, we're pretty darn excited about it. Now we can finally meet you all face to face. From a comfortable distance. Behind security barracades. And burly guards. Oh, yes, we expect this to be a very interesting experience and we're quite looking forward to it. The dates haven't been finalized yet but we'll let you know as soon as we can. In other words, don't email us about the tour dates or we'll pull a lever and drop a ten ton weight on you. Really. And no, we won't ask Taylor to sign your underwear. So don't even ask.

Equally exciting to some of you, we've finally got some sound files up here for your listening enjoyment. Check out Phone Call #27 and Figi Fandango for now. More to follow...

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)February 9th, 1998 in the year of our Lord

We're back from LA, currently the playground of El Niño. Now that our clothes have dried, we thought we'd give you an update. We were in LA for four days and in addition to our Poptopia! show, we also met up with friends from the area, lurked in the audience for the "Politically Incorrect" TV show (our first ever national TV appearance), saw the Pacific, Mann's Chinese Theatre, and a large bearded man in African robes at Venice Beach hollering to the ghost of his Uncle Bill. You think we're kidding. Things went well and we met some swell people including industry types (or weasels as they call themselves--we didn't make it up) and other pop bands like The Negro Problem (hey, we didn't make that one up either). We're happy to say we made some new fans so everybody move in to the center of your aisle to make room for the new guys. Lots of stuff's shaking so keep posted for regular updates...

P.S. Now that all you "early-adopters" have had a chance to listen to Unlucky, let us know what you think. What songs struck you immediately? What are your favorites now? Do you think John would look better with short hair or long? Please, we're dying to know what you think.

P.P.S. We're going on the road soon...Don't ask yet, we'll tell you more in just a bit.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)11:15pm, January 31st, 1998 in the year of our Lord

Work is proceeding as planned on this site. Be sure to check out the new pictures in the gallery and sign up on our email list. We promise to send out regular emails letting you know what bizarre things we've had to put up with lately as well as where you are most likely to have Admiral Twin sightings.

We're on our way to Poptopia in Los Angeles this week to play with a lot of great pop bands from around the world. If you happen to be in the area this Friday night at 10:30, be sure to look us up at Jack's Sugar Shack near the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

We should have some more exciting news flashes when we get back from LA.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)8:07pm, January 20th, 1998 in the year of our Lord

Welcome to Admiral Twin World Headquarters!

Well, here we are...another year, another name, another location. Perhaps a better year, name, and location. We've got some big things in the works. Like organizing our sock drawers, for instance. Or the new multimedia-enhanced CDROM being produced by Catalyst Interactive. Or...well, let's just leave it at that for now. But stay tuned for some audio clips at this site and the ability to order your very own AdmiralTwin stuff from here.


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