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smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)November 17th, 1999

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Here we are in Los Angeles at the fabulous Master Control studio where albums like the Pixies' Doolittle, BossaNova, and Trompe Le Monde, REM's Document, Madonna's True Blue and Stryper's To Hell With The Devil (no, really) were recorded and/or mixed. And let's not forget the Rembrandts, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Toad The Wet Sprocket, etc. Don't you hate name-droppers? We've spent the last three days locked in the studio trying to finish up the last touches before the record company comes to hear the final comps of everything. The time zone change has been a little weird for me (Brad) to adjust to. We're essentially going to bed at 4am and getting up at 11am. Yuck. Mark stays up that late in Tulsa anyway so he says he feels great. We don't have that much to report yet but the record company president and A&R rep should be here any minute, so that's all for now.

P.S. Apparently we lost on one of the Tulsa Spotnik awards by only four votes. The irony is that we were so sure we weren't going to win that the four of us didn't vote.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)October 21st, 1999

We're taking a short break right now from recording as we prepare to journey to LA to complete the album. During this break, we're planning backing vocal parts, deciding what our live versions of the album tracks will be like, planning the Admiral Twin Secret Society (our official fan-club), and breeding tribbles. We're also playing the Tulsa World's Spotnik music award show on Nov. 12th. We've been nominated for a couple of awards and we get to perform some of the songs on the new album for the first time in public. Two days later, we leave for LA. We'll take a couple of days to finish the backing vocals on the album then it's on to mixing.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)October 7th, 1999

Labor of love indeed. It's a lot more labor than love right now as we try to wrap things up in Tulsa this week. An amazing amount of time and effort has been poured into this album by us and the production team but there's still much to do--we haven't even begun background vocals, for example. A bit daunting but at the risk of being braggarts we have to say the songs sound fantastic. We might be prejudiced so we'll let you decide in a few months.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)August 23rd, 1999

The Wheels of Progress are turning in Tulsa. We've been working almost every day for the last five weeks on the album. We had to start completely over from scratch but everything's sounding and feeling better so it's not such a great loss. The only true loss is the loss of income we've all had because of staying in the studio for twice as long as we had originally planned. It's all Ramen noodles and cheese sandwiches around here until we get this labor of love birthed and we can start earning income again. It's a sort of mid-term exam in the school of Rock and Roll, if you will. Somehow they failed to mention in Professional Music Careers 101 that you're not making money when you record an album, you're spending it. Not to fear, however. Belts have been tightened, birthrights traded for a mess of potage--the March of Progress goes on. So on to the album...

Frequently Asked Album Questions
1. How many songs will be on it?
There are fifteen songs currently in production. Only about eleven or twelve will make it onto the album.

2. What songs will be on it?
The potential candidates currently are the following songs:
Aeroplane, Another Day, Be The Show, Better Than Nothing, Blessed Imperial, Half A World Away, I Don't Know All I Know, Inclement Weather For Eustice And Isadore, No. 1 Fan, One Solitary Life, Slowdown, Such A Saint, When I Hit The Brakes, The Unlucky Ones, Veteran's Day.

3. Where are you recording and mixing it?
The album is being recorded in Tulsa and will be mixed in L.A.

4. When will it be finished?
The album should be wrapped up by mid-November and should be released in the Spring of 2000.

5. I noticed the release date is Spring of 2000. Will the new album be Y2K compatible?
Fear not! We're working extra hard to make sure the album is Y2K compatible.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)June 29th, 1999

storm1.jpg (21622 bytes) Lots of stormy weather here on many fronts. Our first go at recording didn't go very well and we consequently took a break from recording to regroup. We've switched producers and it looks like everything is finally falling into place to make a record we're proud of. We should be heading back into the studio in July. None of this has affected the release date which is still tentatively scheduled for the beginning of the new millennium...

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)May 10th, 1999

Just a reminder that we'll be playing Mayfest in Tulsa on May 15th, 8 pm on the main stage (5th & Denver). Joan Jett plays after us. Also, we'll start posting some pictures of the recording process soon...

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)May 4th, 1999

We're actually in the studio now. Recording proper is just starting. We've spent the last couple of weeks getting the song structures and rhythms together. Now we're recording drums. We'd be a little further along but we were rudely interrupted last night by a mob of evilmeanbad tornados that have left many people in the area homeless. We were all very fortunate to have escaped unscathed although the power in Brad's house is out due to a nasty lightning strike. The rain continues and so will the recording...

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)April 5th, 1999


We're heading into the studio on April 18th and we'll be there for six weeks. Then, we'll emerge like groundhogs and blink stupidly in the sunlight. We're still not sure when the album will be released. In fact, we're sure about very little right now but at least we know when we're recording. We'll be recording approx. sixteen songs and then pick a dozen or so for the disc. There are over 20 new songs in consideration and a few old ones off of Unlucky. You can expect some touring from us in the fall or winter as we get close to releasing the new album. It's tentatively titled (say those two words five times, fast) Mock Heroic. We should have some news as to which songs made the first cut in a month.

smplstar.gif (1092 bytes)March 1st, 1999

It turns out there's a lot of business in making music these days. Getting signed to a label is just one of the many pieces that have to be in place before you can record and release an album. You've got to create demos of your new material, shop the demos to producers, interview the producers, find a studio, deal with scheduling for the band, producer, and studio, haggle over a recording budget, decide which songs will be recorded, do album artwork, press releases,  and about a million other things equally mundane. Everyone's telling us that our album probably won't be out until the year 2000. Trust us, that's not what we wanted to hear either. We're not even sure when we'll be going into the studio although we hope it will be before summer. Unlucky will not be released in stores anytime soon either. We've been told it should be available through though. So hang in there, loyal fans, and we'll let you know as soon as we have more information.


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