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Oktober 31, 2004

Happy Halloween everybody!

Things are still progressing. There will be a new Admiral Twin CD in 2005. We have so many songs brewing we don't know where to begin. But in the meantime we'll just keep stirring the cauldron until the songs blend into the savory broth that will be our new CD... or something. We apparently were nominated for yet another Tulsa World Spot Music Award (Best Pop Artist). The voting is already over but the results will not be known until the awards ceremony on November 19th. Thanks to anyone that may have voted for us. Oh yeah, and here are a few shots from the video for "Dreamer." The video will be viewable online in the not-so-distant future.

September 19, 2004

So, legal stuff is still being sorted out for the Germany endeavor. But the new video for "Dreamer" has been passed around various industry folks here in the States and the reactions are overwhelmingly positive. So hopefully the fine folks in Europe will think so as well. By the way, if you are lucky enough to have an Apple iPod or any of those cool little mp3 players, you can now download Admiral Twin music from itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and many other similar mp3 music websites. enjoy.

August 20,

Yes, Germany is definitely happening. We just shot a brand new video for the first single "Dreamer." The single and video will presumably be released prior to the album. The record company is looking to release the album (Creatures of Bread & Wine) this fall in the territories of Germany, Austria, & Switzerland. We will keep you posted on details as they become available. We are still playing as many concerts as we possibly can to make ends meet. Apart from that we have been rehearsing and writing new songs. There are more announcements and a website update coming soon....

July 2, 2004

On this day in 1998, Admiral Twin was performing a sold-out concert for over 20,000 screaming fans at the Nissan Pavilion in Washington DC. Life just hasn't been the same ever since. It's amazing how so much and yet so little has happened over the last six years. But we keep holding on to the hope that there will be a payoff for this commitment.

On an unrelated note, last night John joined local rockers The Hero Factor onstage at the latest hot spot in Tulsa called Suede. They performed a smashing 10-15 minute rendition of the classic "Ain't No Sunshine" for a very enthusiastic and completely packed house. You should check out their website as they are one of the best rock bands to come out of Tulsa in a while.

June 1, 2004

Guten Tag!

Good news is on the horizon. We are firming up a deal to have Creatures of Bread & Wine released in Germany. Much like last year's CD release and planned (although unfulfilled) endeavor into Australia, we hope to actually be able to travel to Germany and play some shows to support the CD. Not sure when the release will be scheduled yet, and until the deal is finalized we will not be announcing the label. But at least this is good news, yeah?  We also may be performing at the International Pop Overthrow in Los Angeles on July 22. And what's up with Texas? Well, what can we say, everything's bigger in Texas, including the challenge to get some bookings. But we haven't given up yet, we've just embraced the reality that it's going to take an obscene amount of time. That's all for now folks. Check back for an update on Germany real soon. Auf Wiedersehen!

May 5, 2004

So, what's going on with Texas? Just hang on dangit! These things take time. But it's looking like we'll be making our first jaunt in late June. Dates will be posted soon. We have more songs in television shows coming up, but alas no firm details as to what or when just yet. Just know that it is happening. Some folks have been asking us what happened to the news that we hinted at in February regarding something to do with, well was it Germany? Yes, it's Germany baby, and that's all we can tell you for now, lest we jinx ourselves once again. Keep your fingers crossed. I know this is all frustrating because we say a lot without really saying anything, but that is only because things are never actually confirmed until the last minute in this business. Yeah, it's a drag, but it's a living. Or at least an existence of some sort.

In other news, the new CD by David Lon called WOODSONGS is now available at and it is so very good. And no, not just because we participated in a couple of the songs. But because Dave is an incredible vocalist, musician, and songwriter. And, that fact is showcased so wonderfully on this new CD. Buy it now. Do it! DO IT!

April 17, 2004

It would appear from early projections that the first bit of touring outside of Oklahoma that we'll be doing will most likely be concentrated further South, as in Texas. There are a lot of cities in Texas, and they are all really spread out. Texas, it's like a whole other country. Anyhow, we're still waiting to see what will unfold exactly, but as soon as we know we will be posting it here on our concerts page. So please stay tuned. Meanwhile here is a photo from a recent performance at the Cains Ballroom.

                                                                                          Photo by Zuri Louis

March 29, 2004

Well, well, well, another day...

...and not much to report at the moment, there should be in a couple of weeks however. What is indeed good news is that we now have New Jersey based Degy Booking International onboard working with our London-based manager, Jakomi Mathews of MUSiC VOiD ENTERTAiNMENT Ltd. to put together some summer travel plans for us. No, not to the Bahamas, but hopefully some places that will be fun. Currently we're still playing wherever we need to around here to make ends meet. But with any luck will be coming to a town near you in the not-so-distant future. On another note, be sure and check out our friends at We've been listening to their new CD and it's fantastic. We'll post again soon. Cheers.

February 15, 2004

                                                                                                 Photo by Jeremy

Well hello there. On February 8th  we showed up at an impromptu jam at Blues City Biker Bar here in Tulsa. It was a lot of fun, and not just because they provided us with free drinks and BBQ! It was a bit of a who's who of Tulsa blues musicians all around the place. Everyone took turns going up onstage and playing a few numbers. We went up and did our blues-friendly pop rock tunes and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was quite an honor that legendary blues guitarist Steve Pryor sat in and played with us. We were also joined by a fine keyboardist named Pete. We've still yet to get everyone's last names but L-R in the photo above is guitarist Miko, Steve Pryor, Mark, John, Rick (proprietor of Blues City), Jarrod, & Darrell.

So, what else is going on? Well, Figi Fandango was recently featured in a television episode of National Lampoon's Collegetown USA. They may feature more AT music in the future. There is another television show that will be featuring AT music this spring. We will post details on that as things firm up. One hint to another iron we have in the fire is "Achtung Baby!" and we don't mean the U2 record. And then there's those gosh darn threats we've been making about branching out of Oklahoma and getting on the road. Well, believe it or not (and we're sure that by now you probably don't) it's happening. Stay tuned...

January 29,

Greetings to all. We hope everyone had good holidays and are now steadfast in maintaining their New Year's resolutions. The top news items at the moment would be that we are currently working on deals to have our music featured in some television programs. We'll provide further details once things are firmed up. Keep your fingers crossed!

And, some folks were wanting to see a photo from Arnie's when Brad joined us onstage for some songs. We'll here's one such photo. Enjoy.

                                                                           Photo by Karen Momme

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