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November 29, 2006

Happy Holidays everyone. The new album is still being put together, and new Christmas songs are in the hopper as well, including one composed by Tchaikovsky, which is very exciting. John just got back from a much needed vacation in Los Angeles and San Diego. The random star sightings in Hollywood this time included Farrah Fawcett (which was a childhood dream come true, despite her years) and rock-n-roll legend, Alice Cooper.

So the new Admiral Twin album is taking quite a bit longer than expected. Sorry about that. But it is on it's way, and it's getting better all the time. Meanwhile, check out the new James Bond film (Casino Royale). It's pretty dang good.

October 20, 2006

First an announcement, followed by some sad news...

For a special message from Admiral Twin, go to the Tenacious D movie website then click on "Global Mosh", then in the "Search" box, type in the following number: 12376 Turn up your speakers before you go to the website. The site's intro by Jack & Kyle is really funny.


It is with bittersweet feelings that we have to acknowledge the closing of the Church Studio here in Tulsa. The curator/engineer/jack of all trades at the studio, Steve Ripley has decided to move the base of operations for his band (The Tractors) to his farm out in the country. And in vacating the Church Studio he leaves behind a building that will forever echo the music and history since the studio began back in 1972, founded by Leon Russell (no relation to John).

Over the years since, the studio has been utilized by not only The Tractors & Admiral Twin, but of course by Leon himself, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Hanson, and many more that are too numerous to mention. The building itself was an actual church when it was built back in 1913. Everyone that ever visited the studio (including discriminating industry professionals) would always immediately fall in love with the place. It had so much character and history. To say that we ourselves had our own deep affection for it is a bit of an understatement. It will be sorely missed.

To check out a new tribute page of sorts with a few pictures and notes from our Mock Heroic recording sessions back in 1999 click here!

October 3, 2006

Aloha. Well, we're still in the studio churning away on new stuff. We should have it done in just a shade under a decade. Such is life. But in the meantime here's a photo of us at a recent show. This was an outdoor concert at the Riverwalk Amphitheater that was being filmed (on 35mm motion picture film in fact) for potential use in an advertising campaign for Oklahoma Tourism. Who knows if any of it will be used, but the show itself went over quite well.

                                        photo by Steve Cluck


Greetings from Tulsa. We've wrapped up recording and mixing on six songs for the new album. There are another four that are dang close to being mixed, and then there are about as many more that we've recently written that we've decided to perhaps record for this album as well. Then there are one or two other unreleased tracks that may go on the album too. In other words, it's getting close, but there's still work to be done. On the bright side, we've finally arrived at an album title and some artwork concepts have begun to unfold. Yep, it's getting closer.

JULY 27, 2006

So here we are in summer, and it looks like our new album is taking longer than expected. Well, isn't that always the case? Every album we've ever recorded has usually taken a year between songwriting, arranging, recording & mixing. So why change tradition? Well, actually we had hoped to with this album. But with 2/3 of the band getting married within the last year, a forthcoming first child for Mark, Jarrod being a part-time journalist, John being a part-time film/video editor, and the busy schedules that all those things would yield, it's been a little difficult to coordinate time and attention. Nonetheless, we shall persevere and complete this thing ASAP. So, in the meantime we offer you some new t-shirts up on the Merchandise page here. Enjoy!

July 2, 2006

If you're interested in hearing a rough mix of one of the new songs from the upcoming album, you can visit us at our page here and check out "Renegade Planet." The song was featured as a lo-fi demo on our Odds & Ends CD, but here you get the fully realized version in living color. We'll probably only have it up for a limited time, so check it out quick. Meanwhile, things are rolling along quite well with the aforementioned new album, and we're gearing up for our trek to Illinois on the 8th. We hope everyone has a great Independence Day. And be sure to check out the new movie "Superman Returns". It's spectacular.

June 14, 2006

Business as usual. We're plugging away on the new record. It is indeed coming along well, it just takes time. An overhaul on the website is in progress too. Nothing is posted yet, but it is secretly under construction. It should prove to be much more user-friendly and have more content and some long overdue audio & video content. The new site will be a Macromedia Flash intensive site, thus you will need to download the latest Flash plugin for your web browser if you haven't already. It's the wave of the future, man. Get with the program, and all that stuff. We may still contain a link to a standard HTML version of the site (the one you're looking at now), however it probably won't be updated as often. Look for the new site to roll out in the not-so-distant future (knock on wood).

Here is today's interesting but completely useless fact: In 1992, the Guinness Book of World Records listed Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White as the world’s most frequent clapper.  Vanna puts her hands together for contestants some 28,080 times a season - an average of 720 times per show.

May 19, 2006

Keep on with the force don't stop... yeah we're keepin' on keepin' on. The new album is coming along quite well. It's mostly vocals that are being recorded lately, then it will be the fine tuning of the mix, etc. Still no target date. We are trying to leave breathing room for the sake of making sure we're happy with everything. We had to drop our California tour dates so that we could stay focused on the album, we are however still playing at this year's Cornerstone festival in Illinois. And of course we're still playing shows around our region to pay the bills, etc. If you're reading this, thanks for hangin' in there. New AT music is on the way. We'll talk soon.

February 27, 2006

Here are titles or working titles for some of the songs that are currently in production:
Black Belt Universe, Silence, Gorgeous, Big Black Car, Good As Gold, Renegade Planet, Into My Veins, Fear, Monument, She's A Nuclear War!, I Confess, Don't Say Another Word, Fear of Euphoria, If Hell Is Like You, Hey Now, When You Get Older, Fairy Tale, New Life,
and then there are a few untitled ones as well. True, this doesn't tell you much about the new album, except that now you have some song titles to chew on. Of course all of these songs will not make it on the new album. But perhaps some of them will show up shortly thereafter on a follow up album or EP, or Odds & Ends Vol. 2 or something. Things are advancing along just fine, but the band did take time out to write and record a song that is being entered into a contest. There will be more info about that in the next news update. Speaking of random other songs AT has recorded, somewhere out there on the Internet is a bootleg of their rendition to the theme from the Cartoon Network show, SeaLab 2021. They recorded that one during the Creatures of Bread & Wine sessions. And in case you haven't yet noticed, there are some summer tour dates starting to crop up slowly but surely on the concerts page.

January 19
, 2006

Things are moving along much more rapidly now. We have a nice compliment of tracks for the new album laid down already. It will probably be about another month until all the songs are basically recorded. Then the process of getting the vocals finished, adding whatever production details, and then mixing. Although, we still aren't quite ready to commit to a specific title or release date just yet. On another note, in addition to the previous news updates, the song Better Than Nothing At All is also being featured on the Discovery Chanel in Spanish (the show is in Spanish, not the song) on a program called RIDES.

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