DECEMBER 5, 2007

Season's greetings. There is a new Admiral Twin t-shirt available in the merchandise area on our website.
Just click here. It actually became available at our CD release party in October, but it's finally available right here online. Of course you can also get our new CD as well. Just click here for The Center of the Universe.

The band will be playing at the Z104.5 "Cans For Christmas Concert" on December 14th. Check out the Concerts page more details.

OCTOBER 22, 2007

We'd like to thank everyone who voted for Admiral Twin in the 2007 Tulsa World Spot Music Awards. This is the fifth time we have won for "Best Pop Act," and as such we will apparently be in the Hall of Fame next year. Again, we're grateful for all the support from our families, friends, fans, and the Tulsa Community.

Over the years, we've kept making the music we make, and we "keep on keeping on" with everything we do. Whenever we get an acknowledgement, even if it is what seems to be a fleeting comment from someone at a show, it can serve as a reminder that what we sometimes take for granted in our music, can still have a positive effect on someone else. And for that we are grateful.

OCTOBER 2, 2007

The CD Release Party for our new album is approaching rather quickly and more of the details have been finalized. We will be performing along with two other bands,
The Red Alert & gloSoul. Unfortunately, Radio Radio had to cancel their appearance due to a prior engagement. And as previously mentioned, this will all take place on October 13th at Roc Bar 18 right here in Tulsa, starting at 10:00pm. Be there!


FYI, there is an article on Admiral Twin in the latest issue of Tulsa People Magazine which is available all over Tulsa, as well as viewable online in high resolution (it's on page 14). And in case you aren't a myspace aficionado, our new single "In My Veins" is featured there along with a new video for "Renegade Planet." Both are tracks off the new album.


First up, just want to let everyone know that our official CD release party for the new album is on October 13 at Roc Bar 18, located at 18th and Boston here in lovely Tulsa. The show is 21+ and will feature at least two other acts on the bill, one of which is our good friends Radio Radio. In other recent news, apparently, the fine folks behind the forthcoming Tulsa World Spot Music awards (October 20) have announced the award nominees, which includes Admiral Twin in the category of "Best Pop Act." You can visit the official page here to read about nominees, the event, and of course to cast your vote.

August 17, 2007

Circumstances beyond our control will delay the release of the new CD until October 16, which is now the official release date. This is only a minor setback in that everything else is situation normal. The band has been rehearsing songs from the album to incorporate into the live set, while forging through on other plans as well. Stay tuned...

JULY 12, 2007

Over the course of the next few weeks, you will see the official website here getting a bit of a facelift. So keep checking back for new stuff. In the meantime, we are still moving headlong towards The Center of the Universe. And here's a sneak peak of what it looks like and the track list. The retail version of the CD will have an outer cardboard sleeve with a variant on the album artwork. We'll post again soon with info on the first single, some new videos, and more...

1. Good As Gold
2. In My Veins
3. Take Me Down
4. Smash It Up
5. Say Your Prayers
6. Get Well Soon
7. You Hung The Moon
8. Fear
9. Renegade Planet
10. Monument
11. The Best At Being Lonely
12. I Confess
13. Big Black Car
14. If Hell Is Like You
15. Silence

MAY 23, 2007


The new album has been completed and has been sent to California for mastering. After that it will be sent to yet another State for duplication, then it will go through the promotion and distribution process over the next three and a half months. We're not happy about the wait either, but at least you can now without a doubt officially mark your calendars for September 18th, the day the album will be released. We'll share more information about where it will be available as soon as things in that regard are firmed up. Here is the track list:

Good As Gold, In My Veins, Take Me Down... oh nevermind, you'll see the full track list soon enough!

MAY 2, 2007

So, we're back from Chicago...

photo by Dan Locke

...where we were rockin' the paradise (to quote Styx), and it was indeed a good time. We have to thank all the fans/friends that showed up to both of the shows in Chicago, and the one in Kansas City. We went to the top of the Sears Tower while we were there, and we dined on Italian beef sandwiches for days. Our little mini-tour took us through Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and of course Oklahoma.

The new CD, The Center of the Universe, will be released on September 18th! The last few tracks for the album are currently being finished. It has been a long road being almost two years in the making, and about four years since the release of Creatures of Bread & Wine. But in all honesty, not all that time was spent working on the album. The band has steadily played shows every week, has also been working on/off on a forthcoming Christmas album, and there have been weddings, funerals, births, car wrecks, surgeries, girlfriends, odd jobs, vacations, business, bills, feast, famine, etc. In other words, a great deal of life has occurred. The new album often reflects some of that joy and trauma under the guise of pop/rock music. The title of the album was inspired by the landmark location in downtown Tulsa. However, the true meaning of the title is a secret. Listen to the album carefully, and perhaps the secret will be revealed...

FEBRUARY 16, 2007


So we have some interesting things to report from here at AT World Headquarters. First let's talk about our web presence. Besides the most important hub which is right here, we have established a few official Internet outposts on some of the more high profile websites out there. Here's a short and rather incomplete list:

Of course you should remember that you'll never find more information and goodies than you'll find right here on the official website.

The name of our new upcoming album is The Center of the Universe. And, it should be out this summer. And yes it's for real this time. In fact, we've just made a deal with a new record label called The Pop Collective to release the CD.

But wait, there's more.... We are also in the process of scheduling a Midwestern mini-tour this spring that will take us up through Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis, et al. Don't worry, we'll post all the dates right here as soon as they're firmed up. And again, despite the snail's pace of the last couple of years, things are finally in motion now. Or as Sherlock Holmes might say, "the game is afoot!"

Check back soon because in addition to everything else, we have some more surprises in the works as well.

Stay tuned!

JANUARY 1, 2007

Happy New Year! It's time to let go of the past, and move headlong into the future. It's time to go forward. Coming up: A new album, a new hope, a new life.
See you soon...