OCTOBER 7, 2008

Greetings to all. Undoubtedly, it can be rather annoying when there are no updates for a few months (the last entry was in July?...Egad!) The band is currently making it's umpteenth attempt to wrap up the Christmas Album. This is a labor of love that began approximately 7 years ago. Every so often another song has been recorded and then slapped on the eternal backburner with the rest of the ones that were released on EPs many years ago. There are some delightful new tracks that are lying in wait however, so hopefully it will be worth the wait.

 In other news, a few more AT songs have been placed in film and television productions. Hopefully, a list can be culled together soon to put up here. No, nothing in Transformers 2, Spider-Man 4, or even Police Academy 8. But the band is still happy just the same. And, the song Dreamer has once again finished in the top ten on the Ourstage.com website. It's close, but still no cigar. Dangit!

JULY 8, 2008

Recently the song Good As Gold took first place in the Indie Pop category on the Ourstage.com website. And even more recently, two other songs, Dreamer & Smash It Up, finished in the top ten in their respective categories (Alt Rock & Experimental). Thanks to anyone who voted, and for keeping the votes coming.

MAY 29, 2008

Fair Warning: Warehouse stock on our first album "Unlucky" is running very low. If you've been thinking about ordering this CD but have perhaps been procrastinating, we advise you place your order ASAP. Once this CD is out of print it may not be pressed again for a long time, if ever! We're not kidding. Very few copies remain. You can order it here.

APRIL 4, 2008

Admiral Twin was a recommended artist in the March edition of Paste magazine. The CD was also featured in record stores across the country at "Paste Recommends" listening stations.

march 5, 2008

Admiral Twin will be interviewed on Talk Radio X tonight. Also, here's a list of some Internet radio stations that are currently playing tracks off the new album:

Stay tuned...more to follow.

JANUARY 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Wow, another year gone by and it's already a month into the new one. Time is truly flying by. And the band is kicking this year off with some really good news, on a nation-wide level. Check back soon...