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Creatures of Bread & Wine

"One of the best power pop albums I've heard in eons." ---Terry Hermon BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS, England.

"Lush vocal harmonies, sublime melodies, & bristling immediacy." ---Alistair Davenport RAVE, Australia

"A spirited blast of freshly honed pop that is witty and multi-faceted. Brimming with rivers of gently floating hooks, Admiral Twin are back with a vengeance."
---Bruce Brodeen NOT LAME RECORDS, United States

"A tasty, upbeat slab of guitar driven mayhem, full of devastating chorus hooks, witty lyrical phrases and offbeat vocal harmonies." ---Zolton Zavos BRAG, Australia

"A big shimmering workout of infectious rhythms and delicious guitars." ---Joseph Felzke URBAN TULSA WEEKLY, United States

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Odds & Ends: Demos & Rarities

"Catchy from the very beginning. Chock full of lovely beats and brain-sticking refrains." ---THEMINOR.COM, United States.

"Full of excellent and intelligent pop songs that stay with you long after the original listen." Chris Macintosh ---TOLLBOOTH.ORG, United States

"It's pop overdose. It's so rich. It's incredible."
---Thomas Conner TULSA WORLD, United States

"Power pop with a cool vibe." ---MELODIC.NET, Sweden

"Wow!! These 20 songs show just how much talent was lying wasting for a few years." ---Bruce Brodeen
, United States

Admiral Twin
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Mock Heroic

"Sharp, effervescent pop tunes." ---CMJ, United States.

"A big rock record, full of chunky hooks and harmonies that display the hard working ethos of this multi-talented group." ---Rob O'Conner LAUNCH.COM, United States

"There are virtues to Mock Heroic that I'd love to see other bands study." ---Brian Block 33RPM ONLINE, United States

"Mock Heroic is a quality set of literate tales. A definite winner." ---Joseph McCombs ALLMUSIC.COM, United States

"Superb harmony vocals, grooves and vibes." ---Par Winerg MELODIC.NET, Sweden

"Biting and infectious rock 'n' roll. A winning production of well-written and arranged tunes, a must for any musical collection." ---Jason Clark OKLAHOMA FAMILY, United States

"Enough hooks to fill an entire Yellow Pills compilation."
---Jer Fairall TONEANDGROOVE.COM, United States

"A groove-filled, fun-time pop album that makes you want to dance in the warmth of the night and relax in the sunny, laziness of the day." ---Alex Steininger INMUSICWETRUST.COM, United States

Admiral Twin
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"One phenomenal freakin' pop record." ---Thomas Conner TULSA WORLD, United States.

"Wonderful, energetic, beautiful pop sounds." CRAYFISH ONLINE, United States

"May be the finest debut release of the year. Exceptional piece of work." ---SHAKE IT UP, Canada

"Go buy this. It's good, and it's good for you. It offers hope for the next decade of modern music.." ---Dallas Koehn URBAN TULSA WEEKLY, United States

"Those who like the quirkier side will dig this eclectic mix of fresh, premium-paying pop." ---Bruce Brodeen NOT LAME RECORDS, United States



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