Songs: Relate


When all the love
Has turned to hate
How can we relate
When all the things we say
Are heard another way?

When all the trust
Has turned to doubt
Who will hear it out
And strive to take the time
See what it's all about?

How can we relate?
Love has turned to hate

If all the light
Will burn and fade
What will separate
The day from night?
Or is it shades of gray?

When bridges broken
Wash away
Is there any hope
That there will be a link?
A way to clemency?

How can we relate?
Bridges wash away

How can we relate?

When all our songs
Are tools of jade
How can we convey
The things we need to share?
Is there a better way?

When falling short
Our dreams retire
Mired and smothering
In self-beguile and shame
How can we make the scene?

How can we relate?
Is there hope in fate?

How can we relate?